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Internal succession

Modular programme for top talents

Recruiting up-and-coming leaders is one of the top HR development priorities for many businesses. With a structured internal talent development programme the technology group briefly described here fills higher-level leadership positions with candidates from its own ranks.

A modular programme across all the companies affiliated with the group ensures networking, visibility and the systematic development of top talents. For years we’ve been conceptually supporting the organisation in its strategic talent management. In addition, we facilitate individual development components and carry them out as necessary. Apart from the entire portfolio of solid leadership skills, qualities such as humour, appearance & effect and constructively dealing with conflict are examples of the topics covered.

Tools used

  • Coaching for talents.
  • Cross-mentoring programme.
  • One Day with the Costumer.
  • Thematic activities such as conflict management or leadership excellence.
  • Top-level exchange formats such as fireside evening talks with board members.