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Site optimisation in telecommunications

From a migration plan to effective collaboration

Culture and leadership as a herculean task: in the course of optimising nearly 30 business locations – associated with partial downsizing – the merger of diverse company cultures was on our client’s agenda. We supported some 20,000 employees in this context for about a year and a half and the key challenge of facilitating this process was to engage and motivate people to embrace the changes ahead.

While new arrivals had to be enabled to perform in their roles, the capacities of the remaining employees had to be maintained and their performance actually enhanced. The main challenge in this context was to create an understanding of the necessity of the changes and the required reorganisations. Additionally, balancing the diversity of culturally shaped ambition levels of the stakeholders posed a particular challenge in this consulting project.

Tools used

  • Large-scale events to kick off the strategic background of the transformation.
  • Counselling and support of top management and executives.
  • Welcome events at the new locations.
  • Leadership training sessions and process support.
  • Training sessions focused on conducting change-related discussions.
  • Team workshops and meetings in the new work units.