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The public sector in a state of flux

New work & open space change collaboration

The corner office for the boss, the cubicle for case handlers. For decades, the distribution of desks has been reflecting the basic principle of functions and individual work. The architectural configuration of work spaces is often a cherished tradition organisations like to cling to.

However, new challenges call for new approaches. In the case of a large government agency described here, an upcoming relocation provided the impetus to take a fresh look at the way people generally work together. Traditional habits were to be reviewed and new ones established, if appropriate. The primary aim was to maintain job enjoyment and to create a forward-thinking form of interaction. Among other things, workshops were held to sensitize the stakeholders to their new work environment.  

Tools used

  • Concept design and support of the change process.
  • Reflective formats for leaders focused on ‘leading in change processes’.
  • Experience-focused formats for reflection on the individual’s own role and responsibility in the context of change.