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Transformation in the public sector

Relationship-focused strategy development

The elaboration of a new organisational strategy was on the agenda of this transformation project in the public sector. The organisational objectives were redefined using a participatory approach including all the units and departments concerned – after the right stakeholders had previously been identified and brought together.

Reconciling feasible ideas of the future by experts from the organisation was the core element of the process because the exchange accompanying the strategy development revealed that a diversity of internal information levels had led to completely different assessments of the feasibility of projects.

A relationship-focused approach strengthened the joint view of events in order to define realistic strategic goals by agreeing a shared set of values and common culture. This also included exposing and interlinking existing expertise, know-how and knowledge carriers. All the formats and methods used aimed to establish genuine liaison and genuine rapport among the stakeholders.

Tools used

  • Performance of a strategic analysis.
  • Initiating and facilitation of a strategic dialogue process.
  • Identification of social and business dimensions and the relevant variables.
  • Creation of a process architecture and suitable communication spaces.