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Transformation of a security function

When organisational demands explode

A rising flood of internal requirements and a clear demand for high performance and future viability had prompted this change project in the security function of a communications company. Due to a continually growing number of tasks and constant integration of new staff, the collaboration of the teams concerned had to be renegotiated. The questions of “How do we establish our capacity to do the job?” and “How do we enhance our performance to even better meet the demands made on us?” guided the change process. In addition, the concept had to take into account the highly heterogeneous target group: the function’s portfolio of responsibilities extends from access control through to security of the IT infrastructure. Hence fitting actions had to be conceptualised for diverse professional groups.

Tools used

  • Participatory draft of a strategic vision and mission statement.
  • Coaching and continuous support of leaders and teams.
  • Workshops on service orientation.
  • Leadership dialogue events.