HR Development


Taking stock of future potential

HR diagnostics are recommended when it comes to discovering dormant potential, selecting the right candidate for a specific role or laying the foundation for a development programme.

Instead of applying standard methods, we develop precision tools for and with our clients. Especially with regard to technology-supported diagnostic tools, our clients benefit from our IT affinity and the related diversity of approaches.

an in-depth view

Potential-analyses provide clarity about the strengths and development areas of employees, teams and departments. They create a basis for targeted HR development to achieve maximum coverage of talents and tasks.

Be it for individuals, organisational elements or for the entire leadership level: together with our clients, we develop potential-analysis systems and support employees in upcoming development stages as needed.

Assessment centres
systematic selection

When filling a position with a new employee assessment centres (AC) are a viable tool for identifying the most promising candidates for the job. In an AC the behaviours and skills of the participants are observed and analysed as they perform various tasks and are engaged in special practice units.

At Berchtold, we use a multi-modal approach that focuses on the personalities, biographies and behaviours of the candidates. A design that is customized to the respective needs of our clients identifies who professionally and personally best fits the organisation, team and position to be filled.

Together with our clients, we develop appropriate AC settings, organise the event and provide the final analysis of the results.

Test methods
science supports practice

Be it in recruiting, career counselling, personality or team development: the possible applications for test methods and personality questionnaires within an organisation are wide and varied.

The outcomes of personality tests provide a good basis for coaching and counselling sessions and a solid foundation for all strength-focused development actions. Especially in the context of HR selection processes the systematic use of a test method adds considerable value, which is why these tools are highly recommended here.

Together with our clients, we develop individual tests that fit the questions to be explored. In addition to our own customized methods, we offer the application of other test systems that are established on the market and advise our clients in selecting them as needed.

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