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HR development in the annual cycle

Intelligent HR development involves a systematic analysis of how the various activities specifically translate into investments in an organisation’s strategy and fitness for the future. Clarity and transparency in HR development planning are achieved by using the relevant tools in a meaningful sequence throughout the fiscal year. Special feedback mechanisms and feedback processes closely link the annual HR development cycle to the strategy of an organisation.  


Strategy process -

As part of the future-proofing process of companies strategic HR development has become increasingly important in recent years. Attractive employers are primarily characterised by an intelligent systematic approach to HR development and outstanding learning & development opportunities.

HR development conferences –

  • Performance
  • Potential
  • Strategic exchange to fill key roles

HR action planning –

  • Learning & development plan
  • Individual and team actions
  • Talent pool
  • Succession planning

Annual performance review –

  • Self-assessment vs. skills/requirements profile
  • Performance assessment

Feedback dialogue and development agreement –

  • Performance evaluation
  • Potential assessment
  • HR development form incl. PDP

Review –

  • Development agreement

Employee surveys –

  • serve to obtain an overall picture of employee views and opinions
  • recognise needs for action and/or
  • measure if and in which action fields specific
    actions have been effective.
Skills model
visualising requirements

Clarity about requirements is a prerequisite for systematic HR planning. This includes a shared understanding of basic skills as well as job-specific skills.

Our expertise in forward-thinking skills combined with the organisational DNA of our clients results in a precisely tailored skills model for strategic HR work. It’s based on the strategic goals of the organisation and target culture of our clients. Once a skills model has been developed, leadership guidelines provide the basic tenets from which specific leadership skills are derived.

In this context, it’s important to us to pursue a participatory approach in the organisation.

Learning & development
a versatile portfolio for organisational diversity

For their individual learning & development catalogue, our clients can draw on a wide variety of proven modules and seminars, from ‘Living the service experience’ to ‘Constructively resolving conflicts’ through to ‘Leadership and health’. With our extensive range of experience and the comprehensive expertise of our team we cover nearly all forward-thinking topics.

Naturally, our learning & development offering is strictly aligned with the goals of your organisation. It’s focused on talents and high potentials as well as on basic job skills.

We’re pleased to offer solutions from a one-stop source: on request, we’ll organise activities, conduct them or handle the entire project up to and including the evaluation of an event.

personal consulting in complex professional situations

The success of an organisation depends on the performance of its leadership team. That’s why empowerment and development of leaders is an essential HR development task. However, especially in turbulent or highly dynamic times, which are often marked by contradiction and ambiguity, there’s hardly any room for reflection and taking a step back, although carefully considered actions are particularly important in challenging situations.

As sparring partners for all relevant leadership and management topics our coaches contribute their own extensive leadership experience in a wide range of business sectors.

Employee performance review and feedback
dialogue for development

Well-conducted employee performance reviews as a dialogue on an equal footing foster the interaction between management levels, employees and teams.

Together with our clients, we develop pragmatic guides for organisational, content-related and personal preparation of employee performance reviews. We promote the quality of the contact, practice approaches to conflict situations and sharpen the focus on potential difficulties.

We implement appropriate systems for periodic employee performance reviews and integrate them into a meaningful annual cycle of HR development actions. In doing so, we keep an eye on impending challenges and take existing as well as overdue development opportunities into account.  

Official evaluation
transformation of the public sector

The transformation of the public sector not least takes place via activities in the HR area. In government service, the evaluation of employees plays a key role with respect to their career development.  

We assist our public-sector clients in optimising or realigning their evaluation of government employees. In addition, our experts, drawing on ample experience in this area, prepare employers for conducting constructive reviews with their employees and provide advice in the event that negotiations with review panels etc. are required.

fresh perspective meets experience

There are many ways for organisations to retain high performers. The wealth of experience and exchange with a personal mentor are particularly valuable in this respect.

A successful mentoring relationship is mainly focused on the mentee’s development. At the same time, the exchange promotes the coaching skills of the mentor, which is beneficial in other contexts as well.

Our cross-mentoring programmes connect people from diverse teams, departments or sections, from various locations or other organisational socialisation settings into strong tandems, while promoting cross-organisational networking.  

HR recruiting
precise filling of vacancies

The right person in the right place marks the first step on a successful HR development journey. If the selection and development of employees is viewed as a holistic process this is based on an optimal interaction of suitability diagnostics, hiring decisions, as well as HR and organisational development.

Together with our clients, we design a holistic and transparent process for the selection and development of employees. We take care of filling vacancies with internal or external candidates and assist in the on-boarding process of new employees. In addition, we support people in transitioning from the role of team member to leader or in assuming a new leadership position.

We clarify the basic orientation of their HR management with our clients and assist in establishing development-focused diagnostics by implementing evaluation processes for the individual elements in terms of effort/investment, benefit and sustainability.  

Employee surveys
meaningful use of responses

Conducting surveys on key issues among employees can provide valuable development impetus or accelerate acceptance of change. Questions on the relationship or factual level are equally usable in this context. However, any survey also represents an intervention: it results in expectations that may not necessarily be fulfilled. Employers consulting with their employees must be aware of this.

Employee surveys make particular sense when the leadership level has assumptions about a specific perspective or concrete action fields. Surveys can be used to systematically obtain feedback on employee satisfaction with various aspects (culture within the organisation, leadership behaviour of managers, working conditions, etc.). Other symptoms such as a high sickness absence rate, staff turnover or visible dissatisfaction of customers may be reasons for conducting a survey as well. Employee surveys also demonstrate their effectiveness when it comes to before-and-after reviews or visualising developments. It is possible to ask questions about detailed aspects of an organisation and to obtain ideas in this way, for instance for planning events or projects.

Together with our clients, we identify issues that can be driven by means of an employee survey. We develop appropriate questionnaires, analyse them and, as necessary, jointly make the next moves to integrate survey results in the organisation in meaningful ways.

HR development as a future-booster
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