About us

About us

Ambitious modesty

We view diversity as a gain. Berchtold-Consulting lives diversity in its people, the generations they represent, their formal qualifications, their knowledge, experience and perspectives, as well as in its portfolio of methods. With a systemic view, questions that cut to the chase, fresh ideas and a backbone that has been strengthened by many years of professional experience, we support our clients in resolutely driving the issues that specifically concern their organisations.

Three heads and a strong team

With a clear commitment to cooperation, we view the expertise of others as a valuable complement to our own know-how. Without imposing any restrictions on free thinking for visionary development options, we have both feet firmly planted on the ground right in the swim of things.

The leadership trio of the Berchtold family is complemented by consultants and internal and external experts who cover an immense range of skills, professional knowledge and well-founded views. Our clients value this intensive collaboration in diverse consulting contexts as substantial, engaging, service-focused and hands-on.

Pleasantly different and rooted in real life

Subscribing to the ‘Think big, start small’ philosophy, we leverage our large portfolio to develop consulting solutions that are precisely tailored to the needs of our clients in order to maximise their potential going forward. In doing so, we do not hesitate to ask the questions that are necessary to get people and organisations to move in the desired direction.

Clear course in turbulent times

Our authentic demeanour in consulting situations is valued by our clients as a friendly and always stimulating challenge. Driven by a commitment to delivering strong solutions and focused on successful outcomes, we jointly look for the right course of action. Know-how, open-mindedness, respect, appreciation and straightforwardness are the powerful tools we employ in this endeavour.

Vigorous people in viable organisations
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